Damn, Gina

If you don’t sing and dance the “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” song and dance whenever your food delivery arrives, you’re wasting precious moments of your life.

My girl Danielle in The Guardian






I love this one so much. If I had a baby, this would be my baby quilt. 

It’s 31” x 37” and you would not BELIEVE how long it took. I have a 50” x 54” version I’m finishing up and they took virtually the same amount of time, it blows my mind. 

For sale here. 

Look at the gorgeous quilts my friend Erin makes

I really don’t care about Beyonce or Jay Z, but can someone please explain what’s so outrageous and noteworthy about her changing the lyric to a song she wrote to express the number of years they’ve been together?

I am thirty seven.

My entire life, I cannot hold an empty laundry basket for more than a minute without putting it over my head and back like I’m a turtle.

Is that your final answer, iPhone?

Is that your final answer, iPhone?


As I stepped off the scale at my doctor’s appointment this morning, the nurse wrote in my chart and said, “A-1! A-1, right!” and while I don’t own a scale or stress about my weight, everyone likes a little positive feedback, so I was nodding like “yeah man” and then she said, “It’s going to take me all day to remember it’s A-1” and I realized she was saying eight.


More weather.com clickbait rewrites because it’s a lovely day and I guess I really wanted to use the phrase “slutty bridges lookin’ to fuck.”