Damn, Gina
Head in a (Birch)box

Nalini and I got a sneak peek of next month’s goop Birchboxes! Don’t want to give it all away, but ours included:

  • An $800 white t-shirt (for the school run)
  • Index card with the dotted outline of a Rag & Bone boot
  • A selection of dropped names curated by Mario Batali
  • A recipe for macaroni & cheese, minus macaroni, minus cheese, oh just eat the La Mer out of the jar with a caviar spoon
  • Bespoke dry shampoo crafted from from Blue Ivy’s fontanelle (for blondes only)
  • 2.5-oz sample of Jessica Seinfeld’s Cavolfiore, selected vegetables rendered as fine, vanilla-scented mist
  • Fun-house compact (for thinspo)
  • Pre-addressed stamped envelope to the Vatican enclosing a petition for the beatification of Bruce Paltrow
  • Pull-up thong
  • Country Strong DVD filled with a year’s worth of chia seeds
  • Tracy Anderson-branded all-in-one brown rice consomme/facial toner
  • The number to Madonna’s BlackBerry
  • Stella McCartney leopard-print vegan clutch filled with the dust of Winona Ryder’s dreams
  • Diamond stud earrings (courtesy of Ben Affleck)
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